Friday, April 15, 2016

My new debt & credit blog

Debt & Credit Blog

Check out my new Debt & Credit blog at

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cash King Freebies

Cash King Freebies

Cash King has added a new section to the money making site called Extras which will start being populated with free money making resources. Currently added is free Face book marketing instructions.

The link is

Accounts are always free at Cash King and when you register for a free account you will have access to a ton of free money making bonus material.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fast paying money cycler system

The Internets newest and fastest paying money cycler


That's right Cash King has done it again with its money making programs. At  you can invest as little as $1.00 to test the waters or as much as you want if you want to make the big money. Cycler is paying out up to 200% back on your investment. Make more money by referring people with referral commissions at %10 on your referrals activity.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Prelaunch Cash King Revshare

Cash King Revshare now open prelaunch! Adpacks only $2 paying $3.50 (175% roi) during prelaunch all add packs have double credits! During prelaunch referrals paying double at 20% five levels deep! My cycler is paying out 200%! Join now for free! At Cash King YOU the customer is King.

During my prelaunch I will be customizing the system based on your recommendations. So create your free account look around and tell me how to cater this new powerful system to your wants and needs.

Let's make a load of money people!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Paribus - The stores owe you money and Paribus is going to get it for you

Parisbus - Stores owe you money and Paribus is going to get it for you!

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This blog focuses on making money. This is a hidden money maker. If you spend money on items everyday and then get some of that money back you just made money. 

A penny saved is a penny earned!

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Monday, February 1, 2016


Welcome to Toluna, the fastest, funnest, easiest way to ask and answer questions through topics and polls. It is an exciting global community that lets you voice your opinions online and allows you to change the future of products!
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Friday, January 29, 2016

Getting loans if you have bad credit

Bad credit

Yes, it can happen to the best of us. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. In July of 2014, I sold my business on terms to someone I have known for quite sometime. With a small downpayment and a nice monthly residual income I moved out of state. At this time I had almost a 650 credit score which isn't bad but isn't awesome. 

However, not many issues getting credit with this credit score.

Shortly after moving far, far, far away the people I sold my business to stopped paying me my residual money owed to me. This being my sole income at the time put me in a bad spot. I not only now had my expenses at my new home I still had the expenses back in my old home state. At this point I had to chose which to pay. Obviously, I had to survive where I was so this placed me in the position for credit ruin. The after math left me with a repossession, house short sale, credit card charge offs, and lastly an eviction. Last time I peaked at my credit I was lucky if it was close to a 500!

So now welcome to the world of bad credit. We the people with bad credit still need essentials in life. We need a place to live, we need cars to drive and we need to at times still borrow money for various reasons. I will address what we can do to still achieve these needs.

Before we move on, if you would like help from the experts in getting your credit back on track, click here to check out the credit assistance network. They can help fix your credit for you. If your credit is bad because you in debt up to your eye balls then this may be useful to you:

Ultimate Debt Settlement Program.
Our Debt Buyers purchase your Debt from Creditors at a settled price. Then, You pay the debt buyer in easy LOW and AFFORDABLE monthly payments. Minimum 5K debt. Click here to go there.

Here is a great non-profit credit counseling service that may be able to help you, give them a no obligation call to discuss better credit for you 844-214-6199
Let's talk about #1 Housing:
It's obvious we need a place to live unless you enjoy the urban nomad type lifestyle. This is even hard to accomplish these days with bad credit. Start with this program to help you get back on track and into a home.
Let's talk about #2 Automobile aka your car:
Everyone also needs transportation to function in life. If your not into taking a public bus everywhere then let's look into getting you a car loan even with bad credit. Yes it's still possible, rates may not be the best but that is why a we have to deal with having bad credit.
You can also try 24/7 bad credit auto loans if the above company didn't approve you. Try the above company first.

Let's now address #3 Loans for "Whatever":

Gettin credit at this point is not an easy task. Let's say you need some money for "whatever" but you have pretty bad credit, what can you do? First not apply at the standard loan places they won't give you the time of day. Here is a list of companies I have collected that specialize in providing financing to the credit challenged. Let's take a look at these offers now.

click here to apply for a instant approval bad credit loans up to $1,000 with same day funding.
247installmentloans- Click here to apply for an installment loan from $1,000 to $35,000. A little more difficult than the above company but they still work with bad credit and they offer higher dollar amount loans.
Swiftonlineloan- Click here to apply. Online loans made easy. You will be matched up with a lender from $1,000 to $10,000 today.
Installmentloanexpress- Click here to apply. This is a solution for your short term cash needs? Do you have bad credit or no credit? That's not a problem! 
With Installment Loan Express, there is no need to live with financial stress - a payday loan is an excellent solution for short-term cash flow problems. This payday loan will provide you with cash now, so you can set your worries aside. To qualify you must be 18 years old and make a minimum of $800/month. Click here to be connected with to be connected with a vast network of reputable lenders who compete to offer the best possible loan option. Loans up to $35,000.00.
Rainydaylender- Click here and you can apply to the Rainy Day Lender offer and get up to $1,000 instantly in the comfort of their own homes! Regardless of their borrowing needs, Rainy Day Lender can help AND Bad credit is not a problem! Click here and you can submit your information to be connected with a vast network of reputable lenders who compete to offer the best possible loan option.
Challenge #4 - "Credit cards":
Yes credit cards could be what landed you in bad credit jail in the first place but sometimes they are a nessary evil. I have gathered the best bad credit credit card offers for you below:

Identity theft - Approximately 15 million Americans have their identities stolen each year, with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion. That means nearly 7% of American adults will have their identity misused, with each instance costing about $3,500. Nearly 100 million additional Americans have their personal identity at risk each year when records maintained in government or corporate databases are lost or stolen. Identity theft may be the most frequent, costly and pervasive crime in the United States. Click here to get identity theft protection free for 30 days.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Get cash by selling your home

Sell your home for cash. Submit your home and get instant offers!
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make money opportunity for work at home moms

Money making opportunity for work at home moms

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Financial Freedom

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My passion is connecting people just like you with financial opportunities that can bring tremendous changes to their lives.
Do you want to spend more quality time with your family? Would you like to explore that hobby you've always thought about? Do you have a desire to use your resources to help others?
Whatever your reasons for wanting financial freedom, I would personally like to show you the way to get there.

Proven Results

The results speak for themselves! I've helped thousands of people find their path to success with my system.
Each of my successful associates were once in your same situation, myself included. Now, we are experiencing the true freedom of working for ourselves, and you can too!
Don't worry about your experience. I will provide the training, support and tools you'll need to get started, and you can realistically begin to succeed immediately!
My system and compensation plan is proven - YOU are the only missing piece of the equation.

Money pinch? Try a car title loan.

If you are in a money pinch and have a car then you may want to consider a car title loan. I don't always recomend loans but sometimes there is no other way. If you are in that spot then please check out these offers below. I found those on this list to have the highest award rates. Good luck!

Click the image above to go there!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stay at home work at home moms program


Win $50,000 free entry

I am dedicating this page with contest to win money. This is by far the simplest thing to do. All you need to do is enter your email for a free entry into the contest. No obligation to buy engaging ever. Don't wait. I will continue to add new cash content and other give always to this page so check back often.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Make hundreds in an hour with fusioncash

Make hundreds of dollars per hour with fusion cash!

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Take surveys and complete offers for cash

Take surveys, completed tasks and signup for promos:

This section we are going to talk about how you can simply earn money in exchange for your time and opinions. Yes, surveys! You can take surveys online and you will be compensated for your opinions. Some surveys panels pay more some pay less, depending on the length of the survey. Also there are promo offers you can sign up for an be compensated for completing that promo offer.

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